Board of Directors

Sandra Stone ~ President

Lena Marinelli ~ Vice President

Ann Penell ~ Secretary

Robert K. Malone ~ Treasurer

Joan Gardner

Midge Monte

Ray Neelin

Anita Roach

Thomas Cusker

Todd M. Schirmer

Tracey Jagla, RN, BSN


Tracey has a deep love of Hospice nursing. With experience ranging from ER, ICU, Nursing Home and Home Care Hospice Nurse, she has run Journey Home with love and gentle care using her knowledge and expertise from her 38+ years as a Registered, Bachelors prepared nurse.

Since the opening of Journey Home in 1999, Tracey has labored with love alongside many wonderful board members, volunteer caregivers, staff members both medical and clerical, to bring the dying experience home.

As the Director of Journey Home since it’s inception, Tracey brings with her, personal knowledge, care and understanding of end of life. She expresses a hope for all who come to Journey Home, that they will know peace, find comfort and never feel alone as they journey home.


Lawrence Johnston, CMA ~ Financial Manager
Joe Finetti, MD ~ Medical Consultant


Caregiver Support:

Sue Altpeter, RN

Renee Capizzi, RN

Shirley Hardy, RN

Tracey Jagla, RN, BSN- Director

Judy Johnson. RN

Nancy Krewer, RN

Deb Merklein, RN

Nancy Stephany, RN

Charley Tranella, RN

Support Staff:
Cathy Miller ~ Volunteer Coordinator
Sue Stiles ~ Administrative Assistant

Night Angels- Mary Holley and Taisha Gibson. HHA’s